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NSW Open


Welcome to the official website of NSW Open. Here you can find all the information about the tournament, including schedule, entries list, results and even watch live games. You can also register for the tournament online through this website.

NSW Open attracts beginners to grandmasters from all corners of the country. Entry is limited to 150 players. The tournament has a huge prize pool of $8,750. The event goes for three days and is usually held in June each year. The tournament has a Major and a Minor Division. The Major is open to everyone, whereas the Minor is limited to ratings of under 1600.
Date Activity Time
11 June (Saturday) Registration 11:00-11:30 AM
Round 1 12:00 noon
Round 2 4:30 PM
12 June (Sunday) Round 3 9:30 AM
Round 4 2:00 PM
Round 5 6:30 PM
13 June (Monday) Round 6 9:30 AM
Round 7 2:00 PM
Presentation 6:30 PM